Make WordPress website faster?

Do you want to make your WordPress website faster?.

There are a huge number of aspects that play a role in whether or not your website loads quickly. And often there are already some simple things that you can apply to make your website more than 50% faster than it is now..

Test website speed

Measuring is knowing. And that also applies to the speed of your website..

And before you start applying things to make your WordPress website faster, it is useful to know what the performance of your website is now. A useful online tool for this is GTmetrix. GTmetrix shows exactly what you can adjust to load your website faster..

The web hosting

The first thing that can greatly contribute to the speed of your WordPress website is the choice of web hosting. This is really the most important thing of all. Because without a good stable hosting provider for your website you can see it as a house. Without a really good foundation, it makes little sense to upgrade the rest of your house. So first make sure you have good web hosting. With good web hosting you have already done more than half in terms of making your WordPress website faster..

Use a caching plugin

Installing a caching plugin can considerably improve the loading time..

With a caching plugin it is possible to load content statically. As a rule, static content can be loaded faster than dynamic content. Normally - without caching - dynamic pages are always loaded, while these can also be quite static (HTML pages). A caching plugin can ensure that static pages are displayed to the website visitor without the website visitor seeing or noticing anything. In this case, the caching plugin - which is even more possible - turns a dynamic page into a static page, because loading can be incredibly important..

Reduce / compress your images

The larger your images are, the more to load and therefore the longer it takes for a page to load. Now we can use the internet faster and faster, download more data and so you could say that it doesn't really matter how big your image is anymore. But nothing is less true! Because we have also become accustomed to websites loading quickly. And a website that does not load quickly is often abandoned soon enough..

We don't want to wait long for information, certainly not online!.

If you have an image of around 300kb with dimensions of 1200 x 800 pixels that you want to use in a blog post. Then you can better reduce the image to a smaller resolution. You can then compress this..

Choice of the WordPress theme

The choice of the WordPress theme that you will eventually use will affect the speed of your website. We offer free themes here that are also optimized for speed and therefore also for Google..

On the Free WordPress themes page, view our collection website that can be used free of charge.