Free WordPress Plugins That We Use

Over the years, we have developed some WordPress websites. Meanwhile we have a list of plugins that we almost always install for new WordPress websites. These are free plugins. These plugins are well maintained and can be trusted.

1. Yoast SEO

In fact, this plugin has to be in every blog. It adds valuable functionality to increase your SEO. The plugin works very simple and indicates where and why you need to improve content. By message, the plugin indicates a color of a traffic light if you meet the SEO requirements. The idea is, of course, that all messages must be green, but this is not always necessary.

2. Contact Form 7

With this plugin, you can easily create a contact form shown on the front. Other implementations are registration forms or simple order forms.

3. Broken link checker

If you regularly write a blog, you also use many internal and external links. After a number of years, they may stop working because the page or website no longer exists. This plugin checks once a week whether you're still working and send you a report by email.

4. Autoptimze

This plugin makes your website faster by compressing your HTML, JS, CSS, and joining all JS and CSS files. A browser can only set up a number of connections next to each other with your website to download files. Less files makes the website to be downloaded.

Good testing is important, because sometimes some functionality may not work. This may be because certain code that is dependent on other code is being loaded too early. If this is a problem then you can exclude these files from optimizing.

5. WP Smush

This plugin also makes your website faster by compressing the images you use. The batch functionality allows you to compress all of the images you've uploaded in the past. The plugin is available in a free and paid version, with the latest version of course offering more options. The free version is enough options for the average website.

6. Akismet Antispam

This plugin prevents spam comments from being posted under messages. If you enable the reaction option under a page or message then install this plugin is a good idea. If you do not and your website becomes popular, there are more and more spam responses that you must manually remove. This can be a good job. The plugin was created by WordPress creators themselves and non-commercial websites may use the plugin for free.

6. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

By installing this plugin, each message contains a list of messages related to the current message. Good for SEO and to keep visitors on your website. You give them a reason to stay on your website. The plugin offers a lot of options. This way you can display the posts by title or highlighted image.

7. WP Super Cache

This is also a plugin that makes your website faster by generating pages and saving it to the web server. Each time a visitor requests a page, HTML, JS and CSS files must be collected and the database must be consulted for dynamic content. This takes time. WP Super Cache instead of performing these actions sends the generated page back to the visitor. Shells enormously in load time.

Testing is a concern because wrong settings can cause the generated pages to not be generated again. This prevents visitors from seeing old content.