The best rating plugins for your WordPress blog

As a WordPress blogger, it is always good to get feedback from your visitors. That way, you can also customize your website to what your visitors are looking for, or attract more visitors. One of the easiest ways to help visitors is to give feedback on your articles by using a rating plugin. But which? There are hundreds of rating plugins available, free and premium. To make the choice for a rating plugin easier, we've listed the best free rating plugins for you!

Rating plugins for WordPress

1. kk Star Ratings

This plugin allows your visitors to interact with your website by simply providing ratings. The plugin shows a star rating in your articles or pages. The best thing about this plugin is that he supports Google Rich Snippers, which also indexes reviews in Google.

Download kk Star Ratings

2. Rating-Widget

This plugin allows you to easily manage your ratings from your WordPress dashboard. You can provide your articles, pages, and comments with thumb ratings and star ratings. It is also possible to place a widget in sidebar where the best reviewed articles, pages and comments are displayed.

Download Rating Widget

3. Comment Rating Field Plugin

This plugin adds a 5-star rating field at the bottom of a comment form in WordPress. This allows a visitor to submit a review at the same time as his or her response.

Download Comment Rating Field Plugin

4. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

With this plugin you can not only manage a rating system, but also create polls. You can choose between 20 different styles. So you can easily connect your wrist to the design of your website.

Download Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

5. GD Star Rating

This powerful and versatile plugin lets you set up an advanced review and review system for mail types and responses. You can implement different types of reviews.

Download GD Star Rating

6. EC Stars Rating

This lightweight rating plugin is optimized for search engines. The plugin only uses CSS, a bit of HTML and the much needed JavaScript to work, thus minimizing the load time of your web pages.

Download EC Stars Rating